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Pre Face Lift

Post Face Lift

Last minute tribute to another car I used to own around 12 years ago. This is a now a 25 year old 3.0ltr Capri with 3.1ltr conversion and a Triple Webber Heart Bypass. I hadn't actually seen this monster since selling (back to the person I bought it off originally may I add) it back after approx 3 years of keepage. Low and behold last Friday (20th July 2001) I spotted the thing rumbling through Rotherham Town Center around 1am (getting those heads turned as it always did). Now, I recognized the bloke driving it and he recognized myself (all those years ago he had either an RS2000 shark or a Wide Bodied 2.0S Capri) so the next time I spot it there shall be plenty more images finding their way here.... bare with me...

Escort RS Turbo SII '86
For Sale

Item                                                      Supplier                                Conversion Cost

1908cc Engine Including
Cosworth Pistons, Forged
Rods, McClarren Barings,

Lightened Flywheel                              Turbo Systems                                £2500

GroupN Kent Cam&Chip                    Turbo Systems                                £768

Hybrid GroupN Turbo                          Turbo Systems                                £687

Big Valve Cylinder Head
Ported&Gasflowed                                Turbo Systems                                £369

Pace Water Charged
Intercooler                                              Turbo Systems                                £745                      

Turbo Systems
Water/Methanol Injector                     Turbo Systems                                £692             

 Twin4” High Stainless
Flow Exhaust                                           Turbo Systems                                £700

 Cosworth 2bar Mapped
5th Fuel Injector                                    Well Lane                                         £450

 GroupN Dump Valve                            Well Lane                                         £176

 Cosworth 4piston Brake
Conversion                               Well Lane                                         £569

 Unleaded Conversion                            Well Lane                                         £164  

Twin Headlamps                                      Larkspeed                                        £250

GroupN Organic Clutch                        Turbo Systems                                £395

OMP Strut Brace                                    Demon Tweaks                               £150

OMP Alloy Gear Knob                            Demon Tweaks                               £100

RS4 Spoke Grumen Wheel                   Ford RS                                            £150

Koni Struts 1.5" Lowered                      Larkspeed                                       £300

Kenwood CD Single Head,
800wt KW amp, 300wt KW amp,
60wt Panasonic amp,
2x50wt Base Shakers
2x50wt base Shamers                              Autoshield                        approx  £1500


  Mod Build TOTAL                £10468